Empowering innovation and scale
that Accelerates Intelligent


Intelligent software-driven, customizable, System IP
solutions for efficient, yet unprecedented scale for SoCs
and Chiplets. Removes guesswork, reduces risk and cost
of delivering complex high-performance systems.

Ready for Chiplets

Industry’s first fabric solution designed for multi-cluster and
multi-chiplet designs


Our products deliver best-in class system IP and
foundational software
to help analyze, design,
optimize and deploy customized single or multi-die
solutions for complex, intellgent computing systems.

WeaverPro Software components can be used standalone for architectural exploration and analysis, and to configure, optimize and design systems with WeaveIP. The performance analysis can run on actual workloads, and the software has SystemC and Python APIs to integrate with your development environment.

WeaveIP is a portfolio of products built on a common transport that is architected for efficiency and allows for creation of unified fabric solutions that are optimized for minimum power and silicon footprint without compromising performance, and deployed faster with clarity on achieving KPI targets.


Our technology is versatile and applicable
across most applications
that need efficient
data movement. Our primary focus is on the
following segments:

Large-scale coherent CPU computation in Hyperscale and Enterprise computing. WeaveIP delivers extensive data throughput at low latency with RAS feature, QoS and chiplet-readiness needed for these applications.

Control plane and dataplane applications in wireless and wired networking infrastructure including CDNs, SLAMs and NanoCells. WeaveIP delivers scalability and adaptability and chiplet readiness for many core and thread-rich systems.

AI accelerators that are scaling to high throughput, parallelised data processing. WeaveIP delivers customizable protocols, multicast capability for many-chiplet systems that scale into PetaBytes.

Advanced ADAS, Cockpit and Autonomous systems. WeaveIP enables unified fabric for high-level integration for efficient and performant coherent and non-coherent systems.

Edge servers, Home gateways, networking hubs, complex consumer devices. WeaveIP enables compact heterogeneous compute platforms for highly-efficient applications.

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